Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Just wanted to make a quick point: How is it that, when Israel is constantly trying to avoid civilian deaths, they have managed to kill more Palestinian CHILDREN ALONE THAN PALESTINIANS HAVE KILLED ISRAELI CIVILIANS?. This is just during the second intifada and since. Isn't this beyond the pale of logic?

UPDATE: I might as well include the statistics. The number of Palestinian minors killed by Israel: 948. The number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians: 84. That is greater than a 10:1 ratio. Who are the terrorists again?


SamSeven said...
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SamSeven said...

So sad but so true. Thank you so much for bringing this morsel to my attention.

I swear by God if you were in front of me right now I would kiss you on your forehead.

I am going to have a field day dropping this on Zionist's blogs through out.

Apartheid can not last forever so basically that means Israel will eventually be handed back over to the Palestinians, just like what happened in South Africa.

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I will suggest to its officers to add this fact there.

Sorry for the double post, wanted to assure follow-up comments verification :D

Yerushalimey said...

As you correctly state, Israel tries to avoid killing civilians. Indeed, the IDF has nothing to gain from intentionally targeting civilians, particularly children, because every time an "innocent Palestinian" is harmed, Israel loses in the propaganda war, so how can any reasonable person believe that Israel intentionally targets innocents?
Perhaps some of the 948 Palestinian minors killed were engaged in acts of terrorism. Perhaps they were among those many Palestinian children who have been raised to idolize martyrs and terrorists and therefore chose to trail after the terrorists and were therefore hurt accidentally. Perhaps some of the minors were killed because the terrorists intentionally chose to fire their weapons from the midst of densely populated civilian areas - that is, the terrorists used human shields.

Of course, it could be that the ratio is so unbalanced because the Palestinians are not very good at what they try to do. Another factor is the separation fence, which is responsible for keeping their kills low (but Israel's critics ignore this fact and pretend that the purpose of the barrier was to punish or to steal land). The Palestinians do, after all, intentionally attack civilians - they even compete to claim credit for killing Jews - and publicly celebrate when a terrorist attack succeeds.

The IDF, it would therefore appear, is guilty of numerous cases of accidental homicide and negligence. By contrast, the Palestinians boast of their acts of murder and attempted murder. (Every Kassam rocket, every mortar shell fired is an instance of attempted murder.)