Sunday, August 10, 2008

A quick note on Mahmud Darwish...

Darwish was a completely non-violent figure in the Palestinian movement. His activism was based on writing, and poetry. Of course, he was arrested and put under house arrest by Zionist authorities for his behavior. "Democratic" indeed.


dw said...

You know wse prosecuted the propagandists of Nazi Germany as well as Tokoyo Rose. I wonder why?

He was handled with kid gloves.

Yerushalimey said...

On the other hand, Ezra Pound, who was indisputably one of the greatest poets writing in English in the 20th century, was openly anti-Semitic and supported Fascism. (He also was incarcerated by the Allies and was mentally sick.)
So one can definitely be a great poet and be a propagandist who hates Jews.
I don't know Arabic, so I'll just have to trust the experts to assess Darwish's artistry and craft.