Saturday, August 9, 2008

Off Topic: Were the Straits Of Tiran REALLY closed during the 1967 war?

One of Israel's propaganda points is that Nasser closed the straits during the 6 day was. But did he ACTUALLY? The answer, after three days of his announcement is....NO. The Straits were in fact open, and Egypt wasn;t even searching ships anymore after a week of the "closure". We know this because the commander of U.N.E.F. at the time, General Indar Jit Rikhy, wrote it in his book The Sinai Blunder. So, one of the main propaganda points for justifying teh Israeli war on Egypt, is factually false. Ships were going through the Straits.

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Kakarot said...

Ships were going through the Straits.

An obvious question: Including Jewish (or Israeli, if you prefer) ships?