Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dont forget Libyan Airliner 114

I think its important not to gloss over Zionist crimes. In one day, in 1973, Israel killed more people than the Palestinians did in 15 years of "cross border raids" from Lebanon, between 1967 until the Zionist invasion in 1982. I will address the Israeli invasion, and how Israel had fabricated Palestinian attacks, soon enough. When dealing with Zionism, its easy to get lost in documenting all the massacres. Here, though, lets not forget the killing of over 100 civilians by Zionist fighter jets. 

UPDATE: So, my purpose here is not particularly to express my opinion. In fact, let us assume I love Israel and ZIonism. It is merely to expose Zionist atrocities, lies, and fabrications. I will be revealing the TRUTH shown by the documentary record. To me, Zionism is the usurper of Palestine. But Im not important, my work is.

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Yerushalimey said...

I'm curious at to how YOU define Zionism. I mean, I can find varying definitions wherever I look. But since you intend to "debunk Zionism" it seems incumbent upon you to explain who or what you are going to enlighten us about. Are you opposed to an ancient dream? A modern political philosophy, its theory or how it seems to be manifest? Are you opposed to the existence of the State of Israel per se? A national homeland for Jews?
What is it precisely you wish to debunk? I'm not sure I see what your posts are debunking.