Sunday, August 10, 2008

Did Israel Target Medical Personnel in Jenin? (Yes)

Again, we continue with our exposure of Israeli atrocities in Jenin during its operation in April of 2002. Here, I document Israeli attacks on medical personnel in Jenin.

"uch search and arrest procedures, if conducted appropriately and in a way that does not endanger medical access, are legitimate. More troublesome are the repeated incidents in which IDF soldiers fired, without warning, on PRCS ambulances and medical staff. Human Rights Watch has previously documented cases in which IDF soldiers in the West Bank have fired on ambulances.118 The number and frequency of reported IDF shootings at Palestinian ambulances rose steeply from March 2002, immediately prior to Operation Defensive Shield.1"

"On April 3, the first day of the attack, IDF fire killed a uniformed nurse, twenty-seven-year-old Farwa Jammal, who had come to the assistance of a wounded civilian on the outskirts of the camp. As the nurse and her sister were trying to reach the wounded man, they came under IDF fire. The nurse was killed with a gunshot wound to the heart, and her sister was severely wounded (see above, "Attacks on Civilians")."

"Muweis told Human Rights Watch of several incidents in which his ambulance had been fired on while attempting to reach patients. In one such incident, on April 6 or 7, PRCS crews were informed that the IDF had given permission for three PRCS and one ICRC vehicle to enter Jenin camp. The ambulances proceeded past the two IDF positions outside the government hospital, and were subjected to a five-hour search. The PRCS ambulances then attempted to enter the camp, videoed by the IDF. According to Muweis:

They videotaped us and let us enter ten meters from behind the government hospital into the camp. We saw many snipers in the surrounding area, and then shots began to be fired around us. When we were shot at, we reversed and told the soldiers we could not go in. Then we were sure the video was just for media purposes. I heard that day they said on the news that the IDF had let ambulances enter the camp. That is not true. We do not know exactly where the shots fell, and we felt they were doing it just to scare us away. But it was clear to us that if we went further forward, we would be shot.123

One week later, circa April 13, Muweis went to collect an urgent case, a woman in the Sana'iyya area of Jenin city. He left the ambulance station at 11:30 p.m., navigated through streets subject to shifting checkpoints, and collected the patient. On his return, two tanks loomed out of the darkness in front of him, some twenty meters away. The tanks immediate opened fire around the ambulance.

The woman had been sleeping, but she woke up and became extremely distressed. I tried to shout at them that I had an injured woman with me, but no one seemed to be listening. I was yelling from inside the car, but if I had stepped outside I would have been shot. It lasted about five minutes. I stayed there until the tanks left, and then I drove off. They did not ask any questions or try to search me. Shooting has become a kind of talking for them."

Again, though, Israel committed "no atrocites" in Jenin, according to supports of the Israeli regime.


Yerushalimey said...

I don't see what "exposing Israeli atrocities" has to do with "debunking Zionism."
If Russians commit atrocities on Georgians and you report it, are you debunking Soviet (or Post-soviet) philosophy?
No. You're not, are you?

All you do is report any negative thing about Israel that you can find. You're not dealing with Zionism.
You're making progress, though: you are accusing Israel now, not these nebulous people called "Zionists." Excellent progress. Good boy. At this rate, before long you'll probably start writing about Jews.
After all, your "definition" of Zionism has to do with a Jewish homeland, right?

DebunkingZionism said...

I suppose, if I was to write about the atrocities of Saddams regime I would likely use the word Iraqis. Israel defines itself as the "Jewish homeland", so yes, it is Jews that are committing atrocities, just as it was Iraqis committing atrocities in Iraq. I guess im an "anti-semite" now.

I think you fail to underdstand what Im doing is destorying the official Zionist narrative on all the events i write about. Whether it be 1967, 1948, Jenin, Israels human rights record, etc. I am destroying the official propaganda put out to have you support Zionism, and therefore im debuknig Zionism. Silly boy.

Yerushalimey said...

This is what you wrote:
"I think you fail to underdstand what Im doing is destorying the official Zionist narrative on all the events i write about."


I don't believe there is an "official Zionist narrative."

You also wrote:
"I am destroying the official propaganda put out to have you support Zionism."
Please tell me where I can find this "official propaganda" - I'm just as eager to read that.

Oh, and about blaming the Jews: Please bear in mind that there are non-Jewish members of both the Knesset and the IDF...

And, yes, I do believe you're an anti-Semite even though you yourself may not think so and may well be genuinely surprised at the notion. You see, outside certain Arab states it is considered improper to be anti-Semitic. So it became fashionable to claim to be anti-Zionist instead of being anti-Semitic. You have evidently been caught up in this movement, spouting nonsense about official Zionist narratives and propaganda, in much the same way that baseless libels have been leveled against Jews for more than a thousand years.
It would be dishonest to deny that Israelis and Jews have committed crimes, civil, criminal and military. But the fact that these crimes pale in comparison with the atrocities performed by other individuals, nations and states yet are invariably condemned more severely and almost universally suggests that there is an underlying prejudice against Israel and the Jews. Hence my conviction that anti-Semitism is widespread and is disguised as anti-Zionism.

Of course this is my opinion, and you are welcome to question me about it.
I have repeatedly asked you to define Zionism. I've challenged you to provide the official Zionist narrative and propaganda. Unless/until you do, I believe it's fair to agree that you don't know what you're talking about.

DebunkingZionism said...

Ugh, how boring. Are you saying Israeli propaganda claims ADMIT Israel committed the atrocities I documented in Jenin? Are You saying they ADMIT that the straits of Tiran were not functionally closed in 1967, thereby destroying one of Abba eban's own justifications for the reason Israel went to war?

Yerushalimey said...

No. I'm not saying that. I couldn't possibly be saying that, because I'm not the one who posits the existence of official Zionist or Jewish or Israeli propaganda.

But I am saying that you make absurd statements and when called to task are unable to respond.

It's impossible to have a reasonable debate with you.
If we were playing tennis, you'd just keep serving and serving, not paying any attention to balls that are returned to you.

DebunkingZionism said...

I dont get it. What do you want? Ask me a direct question? I think youre a little too obsessed with ME, and not the history of the state you support, but if you want to talk to ME, and ask ME questions about ME MYSELF and I, go ahead.

Yerushalimey said...

Thank you.
Here's one question (which you shouldn't object to, because it allows you to talk about your favorite subject too)...

Why are you so intrigued with Zionism (or Israel or Jews)?

When you reply, feel free to ask me a question.