Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ban Pinocchio, he speaks...Arabic

If any of you thought Israel wasn't a crazy state, was a democracy, and Arabs had the same rights as Jews, read this about the nutty Zionist state:

""Harry Potter and Pinocchio are apparently not welcome in Israel, at least in their Arabic translations imported from Syria and Lebanon. Arab-Israeli publisher Salah Abassi told Israeli public radio on Monday that authorities ordered him to stop importing Arabic-language children's books from the two longtime foes of Israel. The ban includes translations of such books as Pinocchio and Harry Potter as well as Arabic classics. "The trade and industry ministry and treasury warned me that importing those books is illegal," said Abassi, who imported the books through Jordan."

Harry Potter and Pinnocchio. Are you people really proud of this state??!


Yerushalimey said...

Nice find.
But I don't think it debunks Zionism.
The article points out the books themselves aren't banned; the ban is on importing from the enemy, which seems a pretty sensible policy.

Still, I think you're on the right track: humor and whimsy are likely to gain you more readers.

DebunkingZionism said...

Why thank you! See, words of Encouragement, are helpful

iPouya said...

I bet Israel would allow books from Syria and Lebanon if they praised Israel.

K said...

I don't give a flying fluck whether zionism has a legitimate deity behinds its denigration and destructive ethic.

I once respected the desire of people to set up their system with their people, but that may not be how Zionism works. Like some sick fisher who wants the fish that wasn't made for his plate, Zionism may seek to keep all the fish in its disgusting outlook on how it should be done.

So, whether Zionism has legit deities or not. That is besides the point, because Zionism in itself is a threat to our freedoms.

Freedom of Religion is fine, but if your religion pursues to put everyone else in your stupid box, then that is a contradiction to freedom of religion.

Am I using the constitution of the late 1700's as defense. NO. This is 2008, and it is due time we forget about whatever those dudez were fightin' for, and look at what the world is now.... And it ain't Zion, so we should just ban Zionism all together, because Zionism is a threat to peace, a threat to freedom, and a threat to human dignity.

Any maggot who threatens humanity like that don't get a tongue of respect from me. I don't appease a bunch of nutheads who think humankind should be their cheap monkeys.

THey need to take that schit to the pigpen that their fluckin' deity created, and hopefully it ain't this one.

Hopefully there are an unlimited array deities, entiites, and individuals who can create land, resources, and spheres who are in no way tied to these idiots.

Same thing goes for that maggot Apollyon. His pea-brained ethic that treats humans like his cheap monkeys needs to stay in his pigpen too. Are we gonna let our lives, our resources, and our dignity be the toy of either zionism or apollyonic colonialism.. if you answered no.. to each your own... if you answered yes, you should be labeled an ENEMY OF THE STATE