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What happened in Haifa? (Or the second edition to Elder of Ziyon is a Liar)

From the Elder of Ziyon "Either way, the point is that Jews did not actively try to depopulate Palestine of its Arab population and this myth has been kept alive for propaganda and political purposes -" It is useful to look at Haifa as a case study, bc this is an example where Elder himself claims that Arabs were pleaded with to stay. The short list of atrocities in Haifa includes: Indiscriminate and protracted mortarings, sniping, Jeeps brought in playing recorded "horror sounds" and threats to use poison gas and atomic weapons were issued. The Carmeli Brigde was ordered to "kill every adult male" and to attack with firebombs "all objects that can be set alight". While the Zionist civilian leaders, and this is an isolated case, asked Arab civilian leaders to stay, the Arabs preferred to flee, perhaps bc of what was actually happening by the Zionist military leadership. Ben Gurion himself, on the flight of Arabs from haifa, noted "What a sight!". When told that a Zionist official was asking the Arabs to stay, Ben-Gurion responded "Doesnt he have anything better to do?". The Carmeli Brigade shelled the city and Arab crowds that gathered in the city square for an entire day, precipitating their flight from the Haifa port. Indeed, the IDF intelligence report of June 1948 cited these examples in its recommendation for precipitating Arab flight. Thats a summation, but the point is this: is that any wonder that the Arabs fled Haifa?

Interesting Article on Student Loans:

A 2006 study by the department's National Center for Education Statistics followed federal loan borrowers for 10 years, ending in 2003-4, and found that nearly 10 percent defaulted. (The average debt among the two-thirds of 2003-4 college graduates who use loans is about $20,000, according to the College Board.) And with more students borrowing, more students are potentially at risk.

Garrett Mockler filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2004, after months of struggling to make payments on credit cards as well as on $40,000 in student loans. He was working multiple jobs as a teacher, dancer and choreographer in Los Angeles after earning a Master of Fine Arts in 2003.

His lenders wanted more than $400 a month on top of credit card debt, Mockler said. "All my bills started piling up," he said. "It was either pay one bill or pay another or not eat or not have a roof over my head."

He had to scrimp to save $200 for the bankruptcy filing. Then he emerged from bankruptcy and found that all his student loans had stuck with him. While the federal government gave him more forgiving repayment terms on his guaranteed loans, he said, the company that had made him a private, or unguaranteed, loan had no incentive to negotiate a payment plan with him because he had no way to avoid the obligation.

While trying to learn more about student loans and his rights in dealing with lenders, Mockler said he came across,
Collinge's site.

Back to those Straits of Tiran...

So, again we come back to the 1967 war. The question that begs to be asked is...who really wanted war? Nasser or Israel? Even if we assume that Nasser had defacto closed the Straits (as I showed, they were defacto open to shipping even after he announced their closure), was he willing to compromise? Was Israel? 

After the "closure" of the straits, UNEF'S U.Thant was immediately received expressed approval from Nasser for a new diplomatic initiative, including the appointing of a new UN mediator to avert the crisis, as well as a two week moratorium on any belligerent acts in the Straits. Egypt approved, while Israel categorically rejected. Moreover, Nasser was willing to put the Straits issue up to the World Court, again, Israel rejected.  Indeed, just two days after Israel launched its war on Egypt, Nasser's VP was scheduled to have a meeting at the White House for further diplomatic discussions. As of Egyptian troop concentrations in the Sinia, we need only quote Menachem Begin:

"“The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”


Friday, August 29, 2008

Matching Russian Brutality...

Could it be? Were the Russian butchers of Grozny matched in savagery by the Israeli armed Georgians? 

""Much of the damage was done by the Georgians, says Human Rights Watch (HRW), a monitoring group. Shortly before midnight on August 7th Mr Saakashvili ordered a bomb barrage using Grad multiple-rocket launchers. This lasted through the night. Even his supporters agree that the use of indiscriminate Grad rockets, which killed civilians, was disproportionate and merciless. Mr Saakashvili said he was restoring “constitutional order”. But then so did Russia when it bombed Grozny in 1994. That Russia provoked Mr Saakashvili consistently is clear, but it is equally clear that Mr Saakashvili allowed himself to be provoked. “He wanted to fight,” says one of his allies.""

Never expect anything better from ZIonist allies. We wont forget the butchery of the phalangists and the SLA in Lebanon. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What happened along the Syrian-Israeli border?

in the Demilitarized Zones before the 1967 war? This is one of the most vital questions to answer regarding the build up to the Israeli initiated war of 1967. What was happening along the Syrian Israeli border? Who was acting more aggressively, who was acting defensively? Well, according to Odd Bull, the chief of staff of UN forces in the Middle East, "the status quo was all the tie being altered by Israel in her favor." Arab villagers were being evicted, and "all Arab villages dissapeared", and from general Carl von Horn before him,"gradually, beneath the glowering eyes of the Syrians, who held the high ground overlooking the zone, the area had become a network of Israeli canals and irrigation channels edging up against and always encroaching on Arab-owned property." "This deliberate poaching was bitterly resented by the Syrians."  Moshe Dayan himself admitted, 

""Never mind that [when asked that Syrians initiated the war from the Golan Heights]. After all, I know how at least 80 percent of the clashes there started. In my opinion, more than 80 percent, but let's talk about 80 percent. It went this way: We would send a tractor to plough someplace where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they didn't shoot, we would tell the tractor to advance farther, until in the end Syrians would get annoyed and shoot. And then we would use artillery and later the air force also, and that's how it was. I did that, and Laskov and Chara [Zvi Tsur, Rabin's predecessor as chief of staff] did that, Yitzhak did that, but it seems to me that the person who most enjoyed these games was Dado [David Elzar, OC Northern Command, 1964-69].""

Odd Bull continued, 

"I imagine that a number of those evicted settled somewhere in the Golan Heights and that their children have watched the land that had been in their families for hundreds of years being cultivated by Israeli farmers. From time to time they opened fire on these farmers. That, of course, was a violation of the armistice agreement, though I could not help thinking that in similar circumstances Norwegian peasants would almost certainly have acted in the same way"

The truth hurts, but much more so for the ethnically cleansed villagers of the Golan Heights. 

Just a Prediction...

but I see McCain winning the presidential elections. On the Israeli-Palestinian issue, we have two great picks. One party who fanatically supports Israel, and another party that fanatically supports Israel. 


For the lack of posts lately, Ive been particularly busy. I blog at some point today, hopefully. Meanwhile, I urge you to just one case of the brutality of Zionist soldiers at a checkpoint:

The B’Tselem team immediately contacted 
the IDF Spokesperson’s office and the Civil 
Administration’s Humanitarian Hotline 
demanding that the matter be dealt with 
right away, while the soldiers were still at 
the checkpoint. As they were talking with the 
officials, three army vehicles passed by, but the 
soldiers refused to stop and provide first-aid. 
The B’Tselem team summoned an ambulance, 
which took the man to the hospital. 
About an hour and a half later, B’Tselem was 
told by an official from the Humanitarian 
Hotline that the soldiers claimed that the 
bruised man had tried to steal a gun from 
one of the soldiers. This response, which was 
given based only on the soldiers’ statements, is 
incomprehensible. The fact that the man was 
Some of these testimonies are presented below. 
In one particularly gruesome case, two soldiers 
abused six Palestinians. On 30 December at 
about 6:30 A.M., two students on their way 
to a-Najah University, in Nablus, came to 
the checkpoint. The soldiers told them that it 
was closed. The students, along with another 
student, decided to go around the checkpoint 
and over the hills to get to the university. 
Around 7:00 A.M., as they were making their 
way to Nablus, two soldiers appeared. The 
soldiers aimed their rifles at the students, 
kicked them, and beat them with their hands 
and weapons. Thirty minutes later, they put 
the students in a circle around an olive tree, 
and bound their hands with plastic handcuffs, 
one to the other. The soldiers also bound the 
handcuffs to branches of the tree, so that the 
Palestinians’ hands were suspended in the air. 

Then the soldiers kicked them and went back to 
their position to “ambush” others. 
About ten minutes later, the two soldiers 
stopped three more Palestinians. They kicked 
them in the abdomen and beat them with their 
hands and weapons. Then the soldiers ordered 
the three Palestinians to lie down on their 
stomachs. One of the soldiers held his rifle to 
the back of one of their heads, threatened to 
shoot him, counted to three, and then the other 
soldier fired into the air. 
After abusing them for about a half an hour, 
the soldiers took these three men to the olive 
tree and told them to take off the handcuffs of 
the three Palestinians who were tied to the tree. 
When they were unable to do so, the soldiers 
beat them. The soldiers returned to their 
ambush position, and came back about fifteen 
minutes later, around 9:00. They ordered the 
second group to go back home, and told the 
Palestinians who were tied to the tree to wait 
there until 10:30, even if they found a way to 
free themselves before then. Shortly before 
10:00, the Palestinians managed to cut the 
handcuffs and free themselves. They went back 
to the checkpoint, where the soldiers gave them 
back their ID cards and ordered them to leave. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do Thuggish Zionist Soldiers Abuse People? Case Study

This is my mere introduction of the brutality inflicted on Palestinians by thug Zionist soldiers. "Purity of Arms", I think its called. This is a case study at the Sarra Checkpoint, documenting a week of brutality. An excerpt:

"The blond soldier grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, and the other soldier kicked him in the abdomen. Then they told him to lie down on his stomach, and the dark-haired soldier put his rifle to the back of his head and said that he was going to shoot and kill him. The soldier counted to three, and on three, the blond soldier fired into the air. They did the same thing to me."

Read the full report here.

You Zionist parents should be proud of your children's "service".

Zionist (Il)logic

If anyone doubted the inability of Zionism to defend itself against the documentary and historical record, then doubt no longer. Here, we see Israel defend itself against Human RIghts Watch's extensive documentation showing the mass evidence of Israel's indiscriminate carpeting of South Lebanon with cluster bombs in its reports Flooding South Lebanon.

Here, we see Israel's complete non-response to the charges leveled against. Possible the most hilarious part:

Even following the Hizbullah attack of July 12, Israel sought to avoid an escalation of the conflict. The Israeli government gave Syria and Hizbullah a 72 hour ultimatum to stop Hizbullah’s activity along the Lebanon-Israel border and to release the two kidnapped IDF soldiers, and so avert the conflict.

Has official Israeli propaganda just given up on even TRYING to tell the truth? "Avoid escalation"??!! June 12 and 13th were the first days of the war, and Israel was already bombarding the airport and Lebanese civilian infrastructure. Dozens of Lebanese civilians were killed.

Jeez, what a despicable state. 

Correction: Clearly, it is called the July War for a reason, whereas I misstyped and said the war was in June. Thanks Zionist reader Yerushalemaiy or whatever. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Non-Zionism Related:

This is a fascinating article on Bayer's Trasylol drug. It was recently pulled from the market:

"Studies have found that Trasylol can increase the risk of kidney damage compared with other drugs," Dr. Gerald Dal Pan, the FDA's director of the Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, said during the news conference.

In 2006, he added, the FDA limited the use of Trasylol and strengthened its warnings. Subsequently, he said, studies found that Trasylol increased the risk of in-hospital death among patients undergoing cardiac bypass surgery. In addition, Dal Pan said, two studies this year found that the drug increased the long-term mortality of patients who had undergone bypass surgery.

The suspension follows news last month that a major Canadian trial of the drug was terminated because of an increase in deaths for cardiac surgery patients using it.

The trial was designed to show that Trasylol was better than other drugs in controlling bleeding, Dal Pan said. "That study was halted, because Trasylol appeared to increase the risk for death compared with two other drugs," he said.

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John McCain, war criminal

Lets not forget what John McCain was doing when his plane was shot down in North Vietnam. He was bombarding Vietnamese villages. If Americans elect him, what should the world do about it? Siege the States? Maybe...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Russian, Country X's cluster bomb use:

This article on the use of cluster bombs by Russia in Georgia reminded me of another country, which dropped, like, a million cluster bombs on a civilian population. Does anyone remember who or when that was?

My conclusion:

Never put your trust in the masses, ever. They will surely fail you. In particular, see the Arab masses, and the American masses.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Out of Town....

So probably wont blog until Monday. We shall see. Meanwhile, I assure you, serious human rights violations will be occurring in Palestine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So true...

The Georgia conflict sparked a mocking speech with Cold War rhetoric by Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, over the performance of Israeli-trained Georgian troops. One of the Israeli military advisers there was reserve Brigadier-General Gal Hirsch, who commanded a division in Israel’s inconclusive war with Hezbollah in 2006, and who resigned his commission afterwards.

“Gal Hirsch, who was defeated in Lebanon, went to Georgia and they too lost because of him,” the Shia leader taunted. “Relying on Israeli experts and weapons, Georgia learnt why the Israeli generals failed.

“What happened in Georgia is a message to all those the Americans are seeking to entangle in dangerous adventures.

Should Hezbollah Destroy Northern Israel?

Fanatical advocates for Israel often cite the kidnapping of Israeli troops as justification for the massive air campaign launched against Hezbollah and Lebanese civilian infrastructure. They, of course, fail to cite the violations of Lebanese air, land and space throughout the period, as well as the kidnapping of Lebanese citizens and even killing of them which preceded the June 2006 war. Despite the end of the war, Israeli aggression has not ceased against Lebanon. Re:

Ambassador Dan Carmon, head of Israel's UN delegation, met with the commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Maj.-Gen. Claudio Graziano on Friday over the remarks he made about Israel.

On Thursday Graziano accused Israel of unilaterally violating United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, the cease-fire agreement that ended the 34-day Second Lebanon War.

The UNIFIL cheif made his comments at a press conference at UN headquarters in New York. He said that continued Israel Air Force overflights in Lebanese airspace and Israel's refusal to submit maps of areas on which it dropped cluster bombs during the war constituted a "permanent violation of 1701."

Graziano also referred to the village of Ghajar, which sits on the Israel-Lebanon border, as "a permanent area under occupation."

The Italian general, meanwhile, said that Hezbollah recognizes Resolution 1701, and that the militant Lebanese group and UNIFIL forces enjoy excellent cooperation with one another. He added that apart from UN and Lebanese soldiers and local hunters, no one is armed south of the Litani River.

When asked about the smuggling of weapons into Lebanon, Graziano said he could not ensure that the area under his jurisdiction would be impenetrable, though he said there is no evidence of arms smuggling nor has there been movement of armed gunmen.

Graziano would not comment on the newly sworn-in Lebanese cabinet whose guidelines state that Hezbollah has the right to "liberate occupied lands," but he did say it was important for Lebanon to carry out its obligations as well.

The United States has expressed anger at the new Lebanese president, Michel Suleiman, and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora for yielding to Hezbollah's demands on various matters.

Israeli defense officials have said the new Lebanese government platform is a worrisome development that attests to Hezbollah's growing strength as well as the continuing disintegration of Resolution 1701.

Israeli defense officials believe Hezbollah is seeking a new pretext for prolonging its armed struggle with Israel. One of the possibilities being examined by the Shi'ite organization is attempting to down Israel Air Force planes during their sorties over Lebanon. 

It is important to note that the cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon continue to maim Lebanese civilians. Is not every single death or injury from a cluster bomb not an act of war? Should Hezbollah begin to savagely bombard Northern Israel in order to get Israel to submit the maps, and end their violations of Lebanese airspace?

If we were Zionists, the answer would be yes, yes, yes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ElderofZiyon, Liar or Ignorant?

One of Elder of Ziyon's main themes has been that the Palestinian movement is not truly a national movement, but rather, it is merely a tool for destroying Israel. One can see this theme in one of his posts here. It is difficult to tell whether Elder of ignorant, or just a liar. Without a doubt, Elder does very serious scholarly research, as most of his posts are based on the internet. Indeed, it is clear that Elder has done any serious research on the Arab-Israeli conflict at all, bc if he did, he would know the plethora of evidence for the Palestinian national movement--some of it from none other than David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the ZIonist state.

Talking about the Jewish question in Palestine in 1919, he acknowledges the legitimate Arab claims on the land:
"Everybody sees the problem in the relations between the Jews and the [Palestinian] Arabs. But not everybody sees that there's no solution to it. There is no solution! . . . The conflict between the interests of the Jews and the interests of the [Palestinian] Arabs in Palestine cannot be resolved by sophisms. I don't know any Arabs who would agree to Palestine being ours---even if we learn Arabic . . .and I have no need to learn Arabic. On the other hand, I don't see why 'Mustafa' should learn Hebrew. . . . There's a national question here. We want the country to be ours. The Arabs want the country to be theirs."

Here, Ben Gurion speaks, albeit in a condescending manner, of the Palestinian national movement after a commercial strike in 1922:
""The success of the [Palestinian] Arabs in organizing the closure of shops shows that we are dealing here with a national movement. For the [Palestinian] Arabs, this is an important education step.""

Here Ben Gurion acknowledges problem in Palestine of the Palestinian national movement vis a vis Zionism:
(Notice Ben Gurion notes that Arabs "want" to be the majority, when, in terms of population and land ownership they OVERWHELMINGLY WERE the majority)
"The debate as to whether or not an Arab national movement exists is a pointless verbal exercise; the main thing for us is that the movement attracts the masses. We do not regard it as a resurgence movement and its moral worth is dubious. But politically speaking it is a national movement . . . . The Arab must not and cannot be a Zionist. He could never wish the Jews to become a majority. This is the true antagonism between us and the Arabs. We both want to be the majority.""

Here, Ben Gurion begins to gain respect for the Palestinian national movement as a force to be reckoned with:
"". . . they [referring to Palestinians] showed new power and remarkable discipline. Many of them were killed . . . this time not murderers and rioters, but political demonstrators. Despite the tremendous unrest, the order not to harm Jews was obeyed. This shows exceptional political discipline. There is no doubt that these events will leave a profound imprint on the [Palestinian] Arab movement. This time we have seen a political movement which must evoke the respect of the world"

"Were I an Arab, and Arab with nationalist political consciousness . . . I would rise up against an immigration liable in the future to hand the country and all of its [Palestinian] Arab inhabitants over to Jewish rule. What [Palestinian] Arab cannot do his math and understand what [Jewish] immigration at the rate of 60,000 a year means a Jewish state in all of Palestine.""

""When we say that the Arabs are the aggressors and we defend ourselves ---- that is only half the truth. As regards our security and life we defend ourselves. . . . But the fighting is only one aspect of the conflict, which is in its essence a political one. And politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves."

""The Arabs fear of our power is intensifying, [Arabs] see exactly the opposite of what we see. It doesn't matter whether or not their view is correct.... They see [Jewish] immigration on a giant scale .... they see the Jews fortify themselves economically .. They see the best lands passing into our hands. They see England identify with Zionism. ..... [Arabs are] fighting dispossession ... The fear is not of losing the land, but of losing homeland of the Arab people, which others want to turn it into the homeland of the Jewish people. There is a fundamental conflict. We and they want the same thing: We both want Palestine ..... By our very presence and progress here, [we] have matured the [Arab] movement.""

From the Mouth of Ben Gurion himself. Ouch. 

Oh Savage Collaborators...

It seems the brutal, murderous, torturing collaborators with Zionism didn't learn the number one rule of Zionism: Only Jews Allowed. In this case though, these thugs had it coming. We wont forget the brutality they unleashed on South Lebanon.

"Former SLA soldiers protest conditions in Israel"

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The iPOUYA blog

iPouya is the creation of a young, Iranian-American student of Middle Eastern Studies. His blog is known as the "Rebel Radio", and iPouya's opinions or no doubt anti-establishment. iPouya holds scathing criticisms of US foreign policy towards the Middle East, including its support for the state of Israel as well as other US clients in the region. Perhaps iPouya's best attribute is the manner in which he mixes his own personal opinion with cold, hard facts. Some of iPouya's best posts, though, have been when he has used the scholarly resources he has at his disposal to back up his opinions. These include posts from books written by distinguished authors and scholars such as Vali Nasr and Sara Roy. iPouya's blog is not merely a blog about the Middle East, however, as it touches upon issues as far ranging as gay marriage and the Presidenatial campaigns. Without a doubt, iPouya comes from a fairly leftist background, and it shows when he shills for Obama (curious, nay, contradictory, given iPouya's radical views on foreign policy) Recently, iPouya has been on a trip to the Middle East, including visits to Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. While his recent blog posts have no doubt been sparse, they have nevertheless been fascinating to read given his personal anecdotes from his trip to parts of the Middle East. Despite the personal nature of the blog, iPouya still tries to maintain a somewhat serious, scholarly assessment of his own personal experiences, maintaining that his experiences are his and his alone, and should not be generalized to reflect an entire population. Overall, iPouya is a joy to read, when gets around to writing. Visit his blog as

Who Owned Palestine?

One of the prime debates in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over land rights and land ownership. It is important to note where land ownership in Palestine one the eve of 1948. Here is a map from 1946 reflecting land ownership in Palestine, prepared by the British Mandate for the UN. It was subsequently published in the United Nations as an official document. 

Soooooooo, whose land was it to give away exactly? The Palestinians owned the majority of the land in every single province except Beersheva. And even in Beersheva, Palestinians owned 15x more land than the Jews (the rest being "state" land).  So, whose land was it exactly?

In reality, the Zionist propaganda phrase "land without a people for a people without a land" should be "land with an owner and occupant for a people without a land".

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The following is a succinct article on the manner in which Israel has managed to take control of land in the West Bank. It reads as follows:

Israel has used a complex legal and bureaucratic mechanism to take control of more than fifty percent of the land in the West Bank. This land was used mainly to establish settlements and to create reserves of land for the future expansion of the settlements. 

The principal tool used to take control of land is to declare it "state land." This process began in 1979 and is based on a manipulative implementation of the Ottoman Lands Law of 1858, which applied in the area at the time of occupation. Other methods employed by Israel to take control of land include seizure for military needs, declaration of land as "abandoned assets," and the expropriation of land for public needs. Each of these is based on a different legal foundation. In addition, Israel has assisted private citizens purchasing land on the "free market." 

The process employed in taking control of land breaches the basic principles of due procedure and natural justice. In many cases, Palestinian residents were unaware that their land was registered in the name of the state, and by the time they discovered this fact, it was too late to appeal. The burden of proof always rests with the Palestinian claiming ownership of the land. Even if he meets this burden, the land may still be registered in the name of the state on the grounds that it was transferred to the settlement "in good faith." 

Despite the diverse methods used to take control of land, all the parties involved - the Israeli government, the settlers, and the Palestinians - have always perceived these methods as part of a mechanism intended to serve a single purpose: the establishment of civilian settlements in the territories. Accordingly, the precise method used to transfer the control of land from Palestinians to Israel is of secondary importance. Moreover, since this purpose is prohibited under international law, the methods used to secure it are also unlawful. 

Israel uses the seized lands to benefit the settlements while prohibiting the Palestinian public from using them in any way. This use is forbidden and illegal in itself, even if the process by which the lands were taken was fair and in accordance with international and Jordanian law. As the occupier in the Occupied Territories, Israel is not permitted to ignore the needs of an entire population and to use land intended for public needs solely to benefit the settlers. 

The High Court of Justice has generally sanctioned the mechanism used to take control of land. In so doing, the Court has contributed to imbuing these procedures with a mask of legality. The Court initially accepted the state's argument that the settlements met urgent military needs and allowed the state to seize private land for this purpose. When the state began to declare land "state land," the Court refused to intervene to prevent this process.

Why Zionism is despicable:

Case and point is Palestinian scholar Anis Sayegh. He is a prolific research and writer on Arab and Palestinian nationalism. He headed the Palestine Research Center in Beirut, and was the target of 3 assasination attempts by Israel, including a letter bomb.  He was blinded by it. THAT is why Zionism is one of the most despicable and destructive forces we have in the Middle East. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why I reject Hamas:

"Hamas says ice begins to melt with Jordan"

What do you say to people who are willing to collaborate with the most collaborative regime in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict?

"Rights to Exist"

Ive been thinking about this lately. Israel and its supporters constantly cite the ZIonist regime's "right to exist". What does this even mean? Regimes don't have a "right to exist". They either do exist, or they don't because they are overthrown by the people living under them. Did people say that Iranians rejected the Shah's regime's "right to exist"? Will people say that the Syrian opposition rejects the Baathist regime's "right to exist"?  Supporters of ZIonism have fabricated a fake "right" to swing the discussion away from the death and destruction that ISrael has brought on the region. In other words, next time someone talks about the reactionary Saudi regime, just say they reject Saudi Arabia's "right to exist".  Zionism, like reactionary Islam and its regime in Saudi Arabia, does not have a "right to exist", it must be rejected and fought against. That is all. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Straits of Tiran and the 1967 war:

A previous post of mine documented how, in fact, Egypt did not block off the Straits of Tiran, and it is a pure lie to say that Egypt was economically strangling the Zionist state:

One of Israel's propaganda points is that Nasser closed the straits during the 6 day was. But did he ACTUALLY? The answer, after three days of his announcement is....NO. The Straits were in fact open, and Egypt wasn't even searching ships anymore after a week of the "closure". We know this because the commander of U.N.E.F. at the time, General Indar Jit Rikhy, wrote it in his book The Sinai Blunder. So, one of the main propaganda points for justifying the Israeli war on Egypt is factually false. Ships were going through the Straits, and supporters of Israel are liars if they claim they weren't.

In fact, Israel's Eilat port had not seen an Israeli flagged vessel in the previous two and a half years, according to the UN secratariat. Eilat received only 5% of Israeli imports, and the only essential commodity, oil, certainly could have gone to the Haifa port. And this is all assuming the Straits were closed at all, which, they weren't. Thereby, again, destroying one of the main arguments favoring the Israeli war on Egypt.

The Unbearable Lightness of my Critics...

Look at this post from a reader:
"Egypt got rid of the UNEF forces. Right? You don't have a problem with that.

If Egypt didn't want foreign troops on its territory, why should anyone expect Israel to want them on its territory?

How come, according to you its OK for Egypt not to want UNEF forces, but its not OK for Israel to be similarly UNEF free?"

The point is not to advocate or not to advocate for the Egyptian move. It is to make the point that the Israeli propaganda claim that Egypt was on a war to destroy the Zionist state is complete and utter nonsense. But I will be getting into more and more details, regarding the straights of tiran, regarding the Golan front, etc.

More importantly, I will soon begin documenting internal Israeli discussions, and they will overwhelmingly show how eager Israel was to go to war, and how little of a threat they truly deemed any of the Arab states. Stay tuned!


Read this story and...laugh:

The Israel Defense Forces has closed an investigation into the death of a Reuters cameraman in the Gaza Strip last April, clearing the tank crew that killed the young journalist of any wrongdoing and saying the soldiers will not face any disciplinary action."

IDF investigates itself in order to absolve...itself. It would be like OJ being his own prosecution and judge. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1967: Did Nasser actually want a full withdrawal of UNEF?

Supporters of ZIonism often make the claim that Nasser was intent on war in 1967. One of their main arguments are that Nasser expelled UNEF forces to get rid of the buffer so EGypt could invade and destroy the ZIonist state. In fact, Nasser did not even ask for a full withdrawal initially, he merely proposed a partial withdrawal of UNEF so that Egyptian forces could be mobile in case Israel launched a war on Egypt. The initial request for a partial withdrawal was publicly rejected by U. Thant, embarassing Nasser and forcing him into withdrawing all his forces. If you want sources:
here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Of course, I could go on and provide morse sources. More importantly, though, after this blunder U. Thant proposed putting UNEF on the Israeli side of the border. In terms of maintaining a buffer and deterring war, U. Thant argued that if UNEF served that purpose on the Egyptian side of the border, it could have done the same on the Israeli side. Egypt supported the proposal, Israel, of course, rejected it.

If Zionist wars are justified, why are their supporting arguments full of lies?

Non-violence and Zionism...

"Israeli prof. joins 40 activists sailing to Gaza"

I read stories like this and I think, what is wrong with these people? Do they really think that non-violence can work against Zionism? Is that what we have learned given all the death and destruction brought upon the region by Israel? Although, I so praise their idealism, and wish them success. But in truth, here is the reality of Israel and Zionism:

"Al Birwa, the village where Darwish spent his earliest years, exists today as little more than a memory – even if one immortalised in his poetry. Its buildings were razed by the Israeli army during the war of 1948 that established the state of Israel by sending 750,000 Palestinians into exile. At age seven, Darwish and his family were forced to flee to Lebanon."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Israel 's third try?

An important article exploring the Zionist relationship with Georgia. (This is not to support, or not support, the Russian invasion of Georgia. It is merely to point out the role of Israel). 

"From the moment Georgia launched a surprise attack on the tiny breakaway region of South Ossetia last week, prompting a fierce Russian counterattack, Israel has been trying to distance itself from the conflict. This is understandable: with Georgian forces on the retreat, large numbers of civilians killed and injured, and Russia's fury unabated, Israel's deep involvement is severely embarrassing.

The collapse of the Georgian offensive represents not only a disaster for that country and its US-backed leaders, but another blow to the myth of Israel's military prestige and prowess. Worse, Israel fears that Russia could retaliate by stepping up its military assistance to Israel's adversaries including Iran."

Are Georgian troops experiencing the same defeat as the South Lebanon Army and the thugs of Muhammad Dahlan?

Making the desert bloom...

""The blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip over a year ago has left the entire population of 1.5 million Palestinians trapped with dwindling resources and an economy in ruins. Some 80 per cent of the population now depend on the trickle of international aid that the Israeli army allows in. This humanitarian crisis is man-made and entirely avoidable.""

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it...

"Nouzha Skalli, the minister for family and social affairs, is accused of seeking legislation to lower the volume on muezzins in tourist zones. Newspapers have asked whether Skalli, a feminist and former Communist, is trying to curb Islam and impose secularism on Morocco's overwhelmingly Muslim society. Some hard-line imams have cursed her during public sermons."

I hope to see the head Palestinian political organizations transform in this manner. I hope Palestinian resistance to Zionism takes a more secular tone, and turns away from the collaborationist thugs of Fatah and the reactionary (and former collaborationist) Hamas forces, who often seem more interested in getting rid of pornography in Gaza than in fighting Israel. Does Hamas think we will forget its collaboration with Zionism during the first intifada? And nowadays, Hamas seems to be interested in the security of...Israel:

"Hamas officials vowed on Monday it would track down the parties responsible for the firing of a Qassam rocket from northern Gaza towards Israel on Monday."

Actually, that is a topic I should also take up. That is, I should document the collaborative role between Hamas and the Zionist state. George Habash, where are you?

Ban Pinocchio, he speaks...Arabic

If any of you thought Israel wasn't a crazy state, was a democracy, and Arabs had the same rights as Jews, read this about the nutty Zionist state:

""Harry Potter and Pinocchio are apparently not welcome in Israel, at least in their Arabic translations imported from Syria and Lebanon. Arab-Israeli publisher Salah Abassi told Israeli public radio on Monday that authorities ordered him to stop importing Arabic-language children's books from the two longtime foes of Israel. The ban includes translations of such books as Pinocchio and Harry Potter as well as Arabic classics. "The trade and industry ministry and treasury warned me that importing those books is illegal," said Abassi, who imported the books through Jordan."

Harry Potter and Pinnocchio. Are you people really proud of this state??!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eulogy to Mahmud Darwish


Did Israel wantonly destroy Palestinian property in Jenin? (yes)

Again, we continue with out miniseries on Israeli atrocities in Jenin. Here, see the destruction of an entire district by Israeli soldiers. And you though the mortgage crisis was bad...

"However, particularly in the Hawashin district, the destruction extended well beyond any conceivable purpose of gaining access to fighters, and was vastly disproportionate to the military objectives pursued. The damage to Jenin camp by missile and tank fire and bulldozer destruction has shocked many observers. At least 140 buildings-most of them multi-family dwellings-were completely destroyed in the camp, and severe damage caused to more than 200 others has rendered them uninhabitable or unsafe. An estimated 4,000 people, more than a quarter of the population of the camp, were rendered homeless because of this destruction. Serious damage was also done to the water, sewage and electrical infrastructure of the camp. More than one hundred of the 140 completely destroyed buildings were in Hawashin district. In contrast to other parts of the camp where bulldozers were used to widen streets, the IDF razed the entire Hawashin district, where on April 9 thirteen IDF soldiers were killed in an ambush by Palestinian militants. Establishing whether this extensive destruction so exceeded military necessity as to constitute wanton destruction-or a war crime-should be one of the highest priorities for the United Nations fact-finding mission."

Again, this is from Human RIghts Watch. When will Israel pay for these massive war crimes?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Did Israel Target Medical Personnel in Jenin? (Yes)

Again, we continue with our exposure of Israeli atrocities in Jenin during its operation in April of 2002. Here, I document Israeli attacks on medical personnel in Jenin.

"uch search and arrest procedures, if conducted appropriately and in a way that does not endanger medical access, are legitimate. More troublesome are the repeated incidents in which IDF soldiers fired, without warning, on PRCS ambulances and medical staff. Human Rights Watch has previously documented cases in which IDF soldiers in the West Bank have fired on ambulances.118 The number and frequency of reported IDF shootings at Palestinian ambulances rose steeply from March 2002, immediately prior to Operation Defensive Shield.1"

"On April 3, the first day of the attack, IDF fire killed a uniformed nurse, twenty-seven-year-old Farwa Jammal, who had come to the assistance of a wounded civilian on the outskirts of the camp. As the nurse and her sister were trying to reach the wounded man, they came under IDF fire. The nurse was killed with a gunshot wound to the heart, and her sister was severely wounded (see above, "Attacks on Civilians")."

"Muweis told Human Rights Watch of several incidents in which his ambulance had been fired on while attempting to reach patients. In one such incident, on April 6 or 7, PRCS crews were informed that the IDF had given permission for three PRCS and one ICRC vehicle to enter Jenin camp. The ambulances proceeded past the two IDF positions outside the government hospital, and were subjected to a five-hour search. The PRCS ambulances then attempted to enter the camp, videoed by the IDF. According to Muweis:

They videotaped us and let us enter ten meters from behind the government hospital into the camp. We saw many snipers in the surrounding area, and then shots began to be fired around us. When we were shot at, we reversed and told the soldiers we could not go in. Then we were sure the video was just for media purposes. I heard that day they said on the news that the IDF had let ambulances enter the camp. That is not true. We do not know exactly where the shots fell, and we felt they were doing it just to scare us away. But it was clear to us that if we went further forward, we would be shot.123

One week later, circa April 13, Muweis went to collect an urgent case, a woman in the Sana'iyya area of Jenin city. He left the ambulance station at 11:30 p.m., navigated through streets subject to shifting checkpoints, and collected the patient. On his return, two tanks loomed out of the darkness in front of him, some twenty meters away. The tanks immediate opened fire around the ambulance.

The woman had been sleeping, but she woke up and became extremely distressed. I tried to shout at them that I had an injured woman with me, but no one seemed to be listening. I was yelling from inside the car, but if I had stepped outside I would have been shot. It lasted about five minutes. I stayed there until the tanks left, and then I drove off. They did not ask any questions or try to search me. Shooting has become a kind of talking for them."

Again, though, Israel committed "no atrocites" in Jenin, according to supports of the Israeli regime.

A quick note on Mahmud Darwish...

Darwish was a completely non-violent figure in the Palestinian movement. His activism was based on writing, and poetry. Of course, he was arrested and put under house arrest by Zionist authorities for his behavior. "Democratic" indeed.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did Israel target civilians in Jenin? (yes)

One of the main propaganda points of Zionism is that Zionist soldiers never target civilians. In fact, the indiscriminate use of firepower, as well as targeting, is a widespread practice. Here, we take Jenin: (again this is not exhaustive, bc the post would, sadly, be way too long)

"At least four persons were killed by the IDF because they were outside during curfews or walked in areas declared "closed" by the Israeli army. Such use of lethal force to enforce curfews or "closed" areas is a widespread practice by the IDF. The use of lethal force against civilians who do not abide by curfews or are found in "closed" areas is unjustified, and a violation of the international humanitarian law provisions prohibiting the targeting of civilians. International humanitarian law requires that the IDF use less lethal means to enforce its curfews and "closed" areas."

"The Israelis had just arrived and Hani wanted to open the main gate to the house. He wanted to see what was going on outside. Then, [as he opened the gate], they [IDF] shot him in the leg. He started screaming. When he tried to stand up and run back home, they shot him in the abdomen and chest."

"Fadil Musharaka attempted to call an ambulance to remove Zubeidi's body, but was unable to get through to the hospital on his mobile phone. Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Imad Musharaka, an unarmed civilian, attempted to reach Zubeidi's body and pull it out of the street. Fadil watched as the IDF soldiers shot his brother Imad: "Imad tried to pull Ziad's body out of the street, but [the IDF soldiers] shot him in the leg. When he tried to stand up again, he was shot in the head. After one half hour, the ambulance came, and took both bodies to the hospital. Imad was a civilian, he was watching there with me."27 The shooting in broad daylight of an unarmed civilian, Imad Musharaka, requires a war crimes investigation. "

"Concerned about the damage reported to his home by his wife, Atiya decided to go check for himself, despite the protests of his wife. Two minutes later, Hala' heard her husband calling for help with some difficulty. Hala' and her children ran up to the room, and found Atiya standing, seriously wounded. Atiya looked at his wife and children before starting to collapse, and his wife then noticed the gunshot wound to his head. Human Rights Watch researchers examined the room where Atiya was shot, and found that the nearby home that had been occupied by IDF soldiers during the Jenin operation-the same home that was the source of the firing that killed Atiya's son Hani on April 3-was clearly visible from where Atiya had been standing when he was shot. The trajectory of the bullets, indicated by following the path of the bullets through the window into the wall behind Atiya, pointed directly to the home that had been occupied by the IDF.

Hala' called an ambulance, but the IDF soldiers did not allow the ambulance to proceed:

I started screaming, asking anyone to call an ambulance. The ambulance came, but it was prevented from reaching us. Atiya was still breathing at the time. But there was no aid, no ambulance. I couldn't go outside because there were Israeli snipers and tanks everywhere. All this time we were just crawling.39

Atiya died from the gunshot wound within the hour:"

"Their eighteen-year-old son Munir Wishahi saw the tanks coming towards their home. He became afraid and decided to run away: "When he saw the tanks coming and all of the shooting, he said, `They are going to kill us,' and ran outside the house." Soon after Munir left the house, he was shot by the advancing Israeli forces. His parents heard him yell out, "I'm wounded!" and then saw him being brought to the hospital by local youngsters. Munir died on the way to the hospital."

My final example, is the bulldozing death of a man in a wheelchair:

"Early the next day, April 6, Fayid's mother and sister returned home to check Fayid's well-being. He was unharmed. Fayid's sister told how she and her mother ran to IDF soldiers in the street to ask permission to retrieve him:

We tried to beg the soldiers that there was a paralyzed man in there. We even showed them his identity card. The ones on the street told us to go away. So we ran to [soldiers in] a neighboring house and said the same. We begged and begged. So eventually they let five women into the house and try to carry him out.58

Fayid's mother, aunt, sister, and two neighbors entered the house. Shortly afterwards they heard the sound of a bulldozer approaching:

It came and began to destroy the house. We could hear people on the street shouting, "Stop! There are women inside the house! Stop!" The soldiers even knew we were in there because they had said we could go into the house and get Jamal out.59

Despite the shouting, the bulldozer continued. The women ran out as the house swayed and crumbled around them, crushing the paralyzed Fayid in the rubble. The soldier in the bulldozer cursed at them, calling them bitches. The women ran into another house for safety. The IDF medic who had helped them the day before raged and swore at the bulldozer driver.

The women stayed in the area for three days, and then returned again to the rubble when the incursion had ended. "At night we slept somewhere else, and during the day we came here to find him. We looked all day yesterday, but we could not find him."60 Fayid's body was recovered from the rubble on April 21, fifteen days after the house was demolished on top of him. It is difficult to see what military goal could have been furthered or what legitimate consideration of urgent military necessity could be put forward to justify the crushing to death of Jamal Fayid without giving his family the opportunity to remove him from his home. This case requires investigation as a possible war crime."

These few examples, with many more to be seen merely clicking on the HRW link, document Israeli atrocities in Jenin. Zionists deny it, yet we have the documentary record right here.

Mahmud Darwish has Passed

Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish has passed away. Just thought it was important to announce.

Off Topic: Were the Straits Of Tiran REALLY closed during the 1967 war?

One of Israel's propaganda points is that Nasser closed the straits during the 6 day was. But did he ACTUALLY? The answer, after three days of his announcement is....NO. The Straits were in fact open, and Egypt wasn;t even searching ships anymore after a week of the "closure". We know this because the commander of U.N.E.F. at the time, General Indar Jit Rikhy, wrote it in his book The Sinai Blunder. So, one of the main propaganda points for justifying teh Israeli war on Egypt, is factually false. Ships were going through the Straits.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Did Israel commit war crimes in Jenin? Pt.1 (Human Shielding)

Defenders of the ZIonist state often make the case that Israel committed no crimes during its invasion of the Jenin refugee camp. In fact, Israel committed extensive war crimes, as I will be documenting. The first: the use of Palestinian as human shields and for military purposes. These are merely example, and is not an exhaustive recount of all Zionist activities related to human shielding in Jenin:

"Among the most serious "human shielding" cases documented in Jenin by Human Rights Watch were the cases of four brothers, a father and his fourteen-year-old son, and two other men who were used to shield IDF soldiers from attack by Palestinian militants while the IDF soldiers occupied a large house located directly across from the main UNRWA compound in the camp."

"Imad Gharaib, aged thirty-four, was one of the four brothers. On Saturday, April 6, at about 6:00 a.m., a group of thirty to forty IDF soldiers entered the Gharaib family home, and forced the Gharaib brothers to walk in front of them as they searched the home. One of the IDF soldiers abused Imad, beating him with his rifle and threatening to shoot him if he did not reveal where he had hidden his gun (Imad said he does not possess a gun):"

"Kamal Tawalbi, a forty-three-year-old father of fourteen children, and his fourteen-year-old son were also taken to the same house and forced to stand facing the Palestinian gunfire. The IDF soldiers also placed them at the windows and forced them to stand in front of the soldiers as the soldiers shot at Palestinian gunmen in the camp:"

'The soldiers also treated Kamal Tawalbi and the other men with cruelty. During his interview with Human Rights Watch, Kamal Tawalbi-who had been taken from his home by the IDF soldiers while his home was burning from a helicopter strike-broke down in tears as he recounted how the IDF soldiers had tried to make him believe that his family had been killed while he was in custody:"

"Sixty-five-year-old Lutfiya Abu Zeid told Human Rights Watch that IDF soldiers twice took her from the room where she was taking shelter to use her as a human shield. The first time was at approximately 5:00 p.m. on April 6, when they made her go with them and open doors as they checked a neighboring house. They returned at about 9:00 p.m. the same day; Lutfiya had just started to pray. "The soldier said come here and I said, who me? He said yes." The soldiers took her by her shoulders and held her in front of them as they exited the house and were joined by other soldiers. They took Lutfiya onto the roof and left her in plain sight as a battle began."

And, the admission from ZIonist soldiers themselves:

"In an interview with the New York Times, a group of Israeli soldiers in Jenin admitted that they had used Palestinian civilians to shield themselves from attack by Palestinian gunmen. "Yes, because of the snipers [we used Palestinian civilians]," one of the soldiers stated, "If the sniper sees his friend there, he won't shoot." A soldier also told the New York Times that they had used Palestinian civilians to open the doors of homes out of fear of booby-traps: "We had a soldier who opened a door and was killed by a booby-trap that went off in his face. We let them [Palestinian civilians] open the door. If he knows it is booby-trapped, he won't open it."95"

Human Shielding, Indeed.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick note on Dersh, Jenin, and the UN report:

Here is what Alan Dershowitz said during Democracy NOW:
"This issue is one where not only Israeli military but United States has investigated Jenin, the United Nations has investigated Jenin"

Thats right, Mr Dershowitz. except since Israel didnt allow them into the camp, they had to disband the fact finding team and the report was written without them even stepping their feet on the rubble. Here is the report's own admission:

The General Assembly requested the report following the disbandment of the United Nations fact-finding team that had been convened by the Secretary-General in response to Security Council resolution 1405 (2002) (2002) of 19 April 2002. ...

The report was written without a visit to Jenin or the other Palestinian cities in question and it therefore relies completely on available resources and information, ...

Destroying Dersh...

Alan Dershowitz claimed in his Democracy NOW debate with Norman Finkelstein that the UN had investigated Jenin. In fact this is false, so serious investigation of Jenin was done by the UN.

The report, mandated by a U.N. General Assembly resolution after Israeli objections forced the Secretary-General to disband a U.N. fact-finding team, largely limits itself to presenting competing accounts of the events during the Israeli military operations.

In fact, the UN team did not even get on the ground. The actual human rights investigation, though, was performed by HUman Rights Watch, and Israeli war crimes are documented, as I will show tomorrow. Goodnight!

Just a Preview...

It refers to the fact that civilians died in the operation, without examining the circumstances of their deaths. It makes no mention of the strong evidence suggesting that some were willfully killed, such as Jamal Fayid, a 37-year old paralyzed man, who was crushed in the rubble of his home on April 7 after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers refused to allow his family time to remove him from their home before a bulldozer destroyed it.

The U.N. report mentions that missiles were "at times" fired from helicopters, minimizing evidence suggesting that their use was intense and indiscriminate in Jenin camp, particularly on April 6 when missiles caught many sleeping civilians.


Dont forget Libyan Airliner 114

I think its important not to gloss over Zionist crimes. In one day, in 1973, Israel killed more people than the Palestinians did in 15 years of "cross border raids" from Lebanon, between 1967 until the Zionist invasion in 1982. I will address the Israeli invasion, and how Israel had fabricated Palestinian attacks, soon enough. When dealing with Zionism, its easy to get lost in documenting all the massacres. Here, though, lets not forget the killing of over 100 civilians by Zionist fighter jets. 

UPDATE: So, my purpose here is not particularly to express my opinion. In fact, let us assume I love Israel and ZIonism. It is merely to expose Zionist atrocities, lies, and fabrications. I will be revealing the TRUTH shown by the documentary record. To me, Zionism is the usurper of Palestine. But Im not important, my work is.

You cant Build Here...On Your Own Land

One of the disturbing aspects of Zionism is its home demolition policy. The numbers, are, indeed, quite disturbing For example, between 1987 and 1998, Israel demolished 2,276 homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem- (about 1/11 were in East Jerusalem) due to the fact that the buildiers did not have "permits". Indeed, these permits are often impossible to get, and it is most bizarre given that the West Bank is by all international standards considered Palestinian Land. Between 1999 and 2004, Israel demolished over 1000 homes in the West Bank for the same reason. These numbers, of course, pale in comparison to those of people whose homes were demolished due to "security reasons", but Ill deal with that data tomorrow. 

Demolishing the innocent:

A relatively small percentage of Israeli home demolitions are of the homes of families of Palestinians who attack Israel. This, of course, is punishing the family for the supposed crime of one of their family members, and is better known as terrorism, bc it targets civilians to acheive a political end. These demolitions are not to be confused with the several thousand other home demilitions in the territories and east Jerusalem, which are given other reasons, as Ill document:

Following the attack perpetrated by a tractor driver yesterday in Jerusalem, killing three and injuring dozens, the media have published calls by politicians and public figures to demolish the home belonging to the family of the attack perpetrator, in the village of Sur Baher.

From October 2001 to the end of January 2005, Israel demolished 667 Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories as a means of punishment, leaving more than 4,200 persons homeless. Half of the demolished houses were adjacent to the family homes of suspected perpetrators of terror attacks.

Isnt Zionism humane? They dont even spare the houses of those people who live NEXT to attack suspects!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Settler Respect for Human Rights in Hebron

Although I want my blog to focus on the Israeli state policy of murder, expropriation, and ethnic cleansing, it is also hard to escape Zionist settler violence in 1967 occupied Palestine:

Beatings of Palestinians by radical religious settlers, protected by the Israeli army and police, are a common occurrence in this dangerous city, where Jewish settlements nudge into the heart of a community of about 120,000 Arabs. What happened next was shocking even by the violent standards of Hebron however.

“They pushed me over the edge of the roof,” Hamza said. “They meant to kill me.” A lower roof broke his fall, but Hamza broke the bones in one foot and twisted the other ankle. He was in great pain in his stomach, back and legs when his family found him. Despite his agony, Israeli soldiers kept the Palestinian ambulance waiting at a checkpoint for 90 minutes because the attack happened in an area where only Israeli vehicles are allowed to drive, his father, Sufian, said.


Just wanted to make a quick point: How is it that, when Israel is constantly trying to avoid civilian deaths, they have managed to kill more Palestinian CHILDREN ALONE THAN PALESTINIANS HAVE KILLED ISRAELI CIVILIANS?. This is just during the second intifada and since. Isn't this beyond the pale of logic?

UPDATE: I might as well include the statistics. The number of Palestinian minors killed by Israel: 948. The number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians: 84. That is greater than a 10:1 ratio. Who are the terrorists again?

Just begninning

So, here I am. I have dedicated this site to debunking Zionism through actual use of evidence and documentation. What I will be writing will be disturbing and true. Its pointless to spend much time on introductions. So Ill just introduce with the conclusions of a human rights group:

"Tell us who the terrorists are if you want the doctor