Thursday, August 7, 2008

Demolishing the innocent:

A relatively small percentage of Israeli home demolitions are of the homes of families of Palestinians who attack Israel. This, of course, is punishing the family for the supposed crime of one of their family members, and is better known as terrorism, bc it targets civilians to acheive a political end. These demolitions are not to be confused with the several thousand other home demilitions in the territories and east Jerusalem, which are given other reasons, as Ill document:

Following the attack perpetrated by a tractor driver yesterday in Jerusalem, killing three and injuring dozens, the media have published calls by politicians and public figures to demolish the home belonging to the family of the attack perpetrator, in the village of Sur Baher.

From October 2001 to the end of January 2005, Israel demolished 667 Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories as a means of punishment, leaving more than 4,200 persons homeless. Half of the demolished houses were adjacent to the family homes of suspected perpetrators of terror attacks.

Isnt Zionism humane? They dont even spare the houses of those people who live NEXT to attack suspects!

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Yerushalimey said...

Are you sure that all the demolitions were meant as punishment?
Municipalities like Jerusalem are entitled to demolish buildings constructed without permission, and it well-documented that many Arab houses have been built illegally.
How many demolitions were declared by the Israeli government to be intended to punish "terrorists"?