Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick note on Dersh, Jenin, and the UN report:

Here is what Alan Dershowitz said during Democracy NOW:
"This issue is one where not only Israeli military but United States has investigated Jenin, the United Nations has investigated Jenin"

Thats right, Mr Dershowitz. except since Israel didnt allow them into the camp, they had to disband the fact finding team and the report was written without them even stepping their feet on the rubble. Here is the report's own admission:

The General Assembly requested the report following the disbandment of the United Nations fact-finding team that had been convened by the Secretary-General in response to Security Council resolution 1405 (2002) (2002) of 19 April 2002. ...

The report was written without a visit to Jenin or the other Palestinian cities in question and it therefore relies completely on available resources and information, ...


Yerushalimey said...

Sorry, but I don't see what this has to do with "debunking Zionism."
Is Dershowitz a Zionist? Is Finklestein a Zionist?
Please tell me what you mean by "Zionism." I've asked you before. I think it will help your cause if you define what your cause actually is.
From what I've seen so far, you seem to be interested only in things done by Israelis and their supporters that you personally disapprove of.
It looks to me as though you intend to spread as many negative thoughts as you can, with no constructive purpose. Is my assessment accurate?
Please make some effort to make a positive statement - there is enough negativity in the world.
One more time: What do YOU mean by Zionism? What do you intend to debunk?
Thank you.

DebunkingZionism said...

Zionism is the usurper in palestine. Im destroying traditional Zionist arguments with factual assertions. I believe if people knew the actual truth, they would stop supporting Zionism.

Yerushalimey said...

What "traditional Zionist arguments" are you referring to?
Tell us what you are against.

There is no place called "Palestine" and there is no usurper.
There is no Zionism if you won't define it.
Your enemy is your imagination.
You are silly to talk about Zionist soldiers. There is no Zionist Army, no Zionist Uniform.
You are using the word "Zionism" without knowing what it means.
Or, if you know what it means, tell us.
You are intellectually lazy.
You are ethically a joke.
You blame things on Zionism, because you will not admit that your prejudice is against Israel and Jews.
If you and your ilk were interested in justice for refugees in Gaza and the West Bank, you would have protested when they were under the oppressive jurisdiction of Egypt and Jordan. But the world made these refugees an issue only when Israel became involved. Why?
If you were interested in righting wrongs you could blog about Burma or Tibet or many places in Africa and South America, but you don't. Why not? Is it because the hundreds of thousands and millions being ravaged there aren't worthy of your compassion?
You are not for justice; you are against Israel, because it is fashionable and safe to condemn a Jewish state. Attack a real tyranny and you'll get yourself killed. You are a coward, attacking the one people you know will not try to kill you for your comments.
You don't have the integrity to admit it, so you use the term "Zionism" - which you are unable to define - to disguise your distaste for Jews.
Kindly boycott Israeli products, starting with the microchips in your computer.

This is the angriest rant from me anyone has ever elicited. My anger is actually self-directed: I am angry at myself for thinking I could reason with you.

Let me know if you ever come up with a definition for Zionism. If you do, maybe I'll try to reason with you. But as long as all you do is throw the term around as a catchphrase synonymous with "the bad guys" and parrot propaganda from other sources, you're not worth wasting my time with.

DebunkingZionism said...

God youre ignorant. Israel is the ZIonist state. I can use ZIonism and Israel interchangeable and by any standards it would be fine. And I notice what you want me to do: change the topic. Dont document Israeli crimes, document the crimes of the dictatoriships of Jordan, Egypt, Syria etc. But this blog is about debinkingZionism. I dont, in my right mind, support the US puppet regimes in Jordan and Egypt, but you DO support Israel and Zionism. I am destroying your notion of what Israel is and what it has done, and THATS why youre angry. In fact, thats why you want to change the subject, bc you cant handle the truth. How pathetic

DebunkingZionism said...

And the definition of ZIonism is clear: the Jewish national movement to establish a home in palestine called Israel (which it did, and continues to do, through mass violence, ehtnic cleansing, and destruction). This is the actual physical expression of Zionism. SOrry, but I dont blame you for wanting to change the subject, LOL!

Yerushalimey said...

Ah, thank you. You have finally offered a definition of Zionism. It is, according to you, "The Jewish national movement to establish a home in palestine called Israel."
OK. Now we're getting somewhere. Please DEBUNK Zionism. That is expose, ridicule the falseness, sham, or exaggerated claims of Zionism.
What is false about the national movement to establish a home in palestine called Israel? What exaggerated or untrue claims are you exposing? (By "Palestine" I suppose you mean the territory between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.)
Your definition doesn't mean much, does it?
You can list every example of misfeasance or malfeasance by Jews or Israelis from corrupt government ministers to nervous IDF privates on patrol, but you are not debunking Zionism.
If you were honest you would admit you have a problem with Jews having the same rights as everyone else. You don't have a problem with with Muslims conquering territory or with Turks or Crusaders or Romans or Babylonians or the British, but when Jews conquer (or are granted) land - whether in Biblical times or in modern times - you have a problem with it, don't you?
Jews have the oldest claim on the territory in question (barring the sudden reappearance of Hittites, Jebusites, etc.) and we have the newest claim, based on the conquest of 1967.
Why should Jews not be allowed the same rights as other conquerors? If Syrians or Egyptians or Jordanians successfully invaded the territory granted us under the British Mandate, through the League of Nations and acknowledged by the UN, would you protest and demand the land be returned to the Jews?
Try to be truthful.
Go ahead. Debunk, please....

DebunkingZionism said...

Support Land acquisition through Conquest and ethnic cleansing? I KNEW Zionists had the same moral compass as Nazis! LOL!

dw said...

"I KNEW Zionists had the same moral compass as Nazis! LOL!"

Man that is totally out of line. You got that from your serious research?