Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Straits of Tiran and the 1967 war:

A previous post of mine documented how, in fact, Egypt did not block off the Straits of Tiran, and it is a pure lie to say that Egypt was economically strangling the Zionist state:

One of Israel's propaganda points is that Nasser closed the straits during the 6 day was. But did he ACTUALLY? The answer, after three days of his announcement is....NO. The Straits were in fact open, and Egypt wasn't even searching ships anymore after a week of the "closure". We know this because the commander of U.N.E.F. at the time, General Indar Jit Rikhy, wrote it in his book The Sinai Blunder. So, one of the main propaganda points for justifying the Israeli war on Egypt is factually false. Ships were going through the Straits, and supporters of Israel are liars if they claim they weren't.

In fact, Israel's Eilat port had not seen an Israeli flagged vessel in the previous two and a half years, according to the UN secratariat. Eilat received only 5% of Israeli imports, and the only essential commodity, oil, certainly could have gone to the Haifa port. And this is all assuming the Straits were closed at all, which, they weren't. Thereby, again, destroying one of the main arguments favoring the Israeli war on Egypt.


Yerushalimey said...

"In fact, Israel's Eilat port had not seen an Israeli flagged vessel in the previous two and a half years, according to the UN secratariat."

Not one ship, not one boat in Eilat for two and a half years flew an Israeli flag, huh?
Wow. I'm impressed by the modesty of the Israelis. No merchant ships, no naval vessels, no tourist boats, no fishing boats, not even the Israeli coast guard had an Israeli flag.
Your facts become more fascinating every day.
But maybe the Israelis weren't being modest; maybe they were being cunning and evil, lulling everyone into a false sense of security, preparing to activate their plan to take over the world!

DebunkingZionism said...

Really mature, and intelligent refutation.

Alex Colvin said...

Your research is weak and cherry picked for a preconceived conclusion. Period American newspapers at the time, particularly the Chicago Tribune, cite Egyptian and Arab sources which are present during these events. Moreover, the "ships" being allowed through were not Israeli ships, so they they were allowed to pass. There was at least one German ship, for example, which was allowed through after its manifest was checked. But in order to check a manifest, like any such procedure, there has to be a checkpoint. Get it?

A Colvin, University of Houston