Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it...

"Nouzha Skalli, the minister for family and social affairs, is accused of seeking legislation to lower the volume on muezzins in tourist zones. Newspapers have asked whether Skalli, a feminist and former Communist, is trying to curb Islam and impose secularism on Morocco's overwhelmingly Muslim society. Some hard-line imams have cursed her during public sermons."

I hope to see the head Palestinian political organizations transform in this manner. I hope Palestinian resistance to Zionism takes a more secular tone, and turns away from the collaborationist thugs of Fatah and the reactionary (and former collaborationist) Hamas forces, who often seem more interested in getting rid of pornography in Gaza than in fighting Israel. Does Hamas think we will forget its collaboration with Zionism during the first intifada? And nowadays, Hamas seems to be interested in the security of...Israel:

"Hamas officials vowed on Monday it would track down the parties responsible for the firing of a Qassam rocket from northern Gaza towards Israel on Monday."

Actually, that is a topic I should also take up. That is, I should document the collaborative role between Hamas and the Zionist state. George Habash, where are you?

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