Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For the lack of posts lately, Ive been particularly busy. I blog at some point today, hopefully. Meanwhile, I urge you to just one case of the brutality of Zionist soldiers at a checkpoint:

The B’Tselem team immediately contacted 
the IDF Spokesperson’s office and the Civil 
Administration’s Humanitarian Hotline 
demanding that the matter be dealt with 
right away, while the soldiers were still at 
the checkpoint. As they were talking with the 
officials, three army vehicles passed by, but the 
soldiers refused to stop and provide first-aid. 
The B’Tselem team summoned an ambulance, 
which took the man to the hospital. 
About an hour and a half later, B’Tselem was 
told by an official from the Humanitarian 
Hotline that the soldiers claimed that the 
bruised man had tried to steal a gun from 
one of the soldiers. This response, which was 
given based only on the soldiers’ statements, is 
incomprehensible. The fact that the man was 
Some of these testimonies are presented below. 
In one particularly gruesome case, two soldiers 
abused six Palestinians. On 30 December at 
about 6:30 A.M., two students on their way 
to a-Najah University, in Nablus, came to 
the checkpoint. The soldiers told them that it 
was closed. The students, along with another 
student, decided to go around the checkpoint 
and over the hills to get to the university. 
Around 7:00 A.M., as they were making their 
way to Nablus, two soldiers appeared. The 
soldiers aimed their rifles at the students, 
kicked them, and beat them with their hands 
and weapons. Thirty minutes later, they put 
the students in a circle around an olive tree, 
and bound their hands with plastic handcuffs, 
one to the other. The soldiers also bound the 
handcuffs to branches of the tree, so that the 
Palestinians’ hands were suspended in the air. 

Then the soldiers kicked them and went back to 
their position to “ambush” others. 
About ten minutes later, the two soldiers 
stopped three more Palestinians. They kicked 
them in the abdomen and beat them with their 
hands and weapons. Then the soldiers ordered 
the three Palestinians to lie down on their 
stomachs. One of the soldiers held his rifle to 
the back of one of their heads, threatened to 
shoot him, counted to three, and then the other 
soldier fired into the air. 
After abusing them for about a half an hour, 
the soldiers took these three men to the olive 
tree and told them to take off the handcuffs of 
the three Palestinians who were tied to the tree. 
When they were unable to do so, the soldiers 
beat them. The soldiers returned to their 
ambush position, and came back about fifteen 
minutes later, around 9:00. They ordered the 
second group to go back home, and told the 
Palestinians who were tied to the tree to wait 
there until 10:30, even if they found a way to 
free themselves before then. Shortly before 
10:00, the Palestinians managed to cut the 
handcuffs and free themselves. They went back 
to the checkpoint, where the soldiers gave them 
back their ID cards and ordered them to leave. 

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