Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Non-violence and Zionism...

"Israeli prof. joins 40 activists sailing to Gaza"

I read stories like this and I think, what is wrong with these people? Do they really think that non-violence can work against Zionism? Is that what we have learned given all the death and destruction brought upon the region by Israel? Although, I so praise their idealism, and wish them success. But in truth, here is the reality of Israel and Zionism:

"Al Birwa, the village where Darwish spent his earliest years, exists today as little more than a memory – even if one immortalised in his poetry. Its buildings were razed by the Israeli army during the war of 1948 that established the state of Israel by sending 750,000 Palestinians into exile. At age seven, Darwish and his family were forced to flee to Lebanon."

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SamSeven said...

You know what the sad thing's the fact that Israel had planned this all along....knowing full well when Provoking the Palestinians to the point where they can't see straight, they could make them out to be terrorists. Now the Zionists are able to point their fingers.
It is highly unlikely that they would have ever acted calmly ever since they were met with such stern opposition. Ever since then THEY have acted belligerent & like SAVAGE BEASTS!