Friday, August 29, 2008

Matching Russian Brutality...

Could it be? Were the Russian butchers of Grozny matched in savagery by the Israeli armed Georgians? 

""Much of the damage was done by the Georgians, says Human Rights Watch (HRW), a monitoring group. Shortly before midnight on August 7th Mr Saakashvili ordered a bomb barrage using Grad multiple-rocket launchers. This lasted through the night. Even his supporters agree that the use of indiscriminate Grad rockets, which killed civilians, was disproportionate and merciless. Mr Saakashvili said he was restoring “constitutional order”. But then so did Russia when it bombed Grozny in 1994. That Russia provoked Mr Saakashvili consistently is clear, but it is equally clear that Mr Saakashvili allowed himself to be provoked. “He wanted to fight,” says one of his allies.""

Never expect anything better from ZIonist allies. We wont forget the butchery of the phalangists and the SLA in Lebanon. 

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