Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mahmud Darwish has Passed

Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish has passed away. Just thought it was important to announce.


dw said...

All the world knew of and loved him. (crying profusely)

Might help if you noted some info as to why we should give a rats ass.

OH! Here it is!


Hey I ain gonna keep commin here stinkin up your site. I figured since you are at Redneck's Revenge leaving you Blog address all over, knowing well none agree with you, ... well I figured you wanted some negative feedback. (or any feedback lol) I'm you hucklebery.

you take care

DebunkingZionism said...

Only frauds like you use wikipedia as their source of accurate info. Thats probably why you think the was you do. I know, doing serious research would take some work and be challenging.

dw said...

Are you saying that the basic info about Mahmud Darwish was false? If so I'd like to know.

I bet you money I could do some serious research and prove he was God. Or I could find all I want to prove he was an enemy to God himself.

I am talking critical thinking based upon Western values and the powers of observation. Where are you coming from?