Thursday, August 7, 2008

Destroying Dersh...

Alan Dershowitz claimed in his Democracy NOW debate with Norman Finkelstein that the UN had investigated Jenin. In fact this is false, so serious investigation of Jenin was done by the UN.

The report, mandated by a U.N. General Assembly resolution after Israeli objections forced the Secretary-General to disband a U.N. fact-finding team, largely limits itself to presenting competing accounts of the events during the Israeli military operations.

In fact, the UN team did not even get on the ground. The actual human rights investigation, though, was performed by HUman Rights Watch, and Israeli war crimes are documented, as I will show tomorrow. Goodnight!

Just a Preview...

It refers to the fact that civilians died in the operation, without examining the circumstances of their deaths. It makes no mention of the strong evidence suggesting that some were willfully killed, such as Jamal Fayid, a 37-year old paralyzed man, who was crushed in the rubble of his home on April 7 after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers refused to allow his family time to remove him from their home before a bulldozer destroyed it.

The U.N. report mentions that missiles were "at times" fired from helicopters, minimizing evidence suggesting that their use was intense and indiscriminate in Jenin camp, particularly on April 6 when missiles caught many sleeping civilians.


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