Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elder of Ziyon: Picture proves Holocaust didnt happen

The pathetic Elder of Ziyon, who I've documented has absolutely done no serious scholarly research on the Arab Israeli conflict, has come up with another gem of a post. Although Elder showed he knew nothing about the 1967 war (he didnt even know that the Straits of Tiran were in fact open, or that Nasser did not want UNEF forces completely removed from the Sinai), he now engages in the most bizzarre logic to disprove what is happening in Gaza. Here is Amnesty Intnl. , in summary:

The fuel shortage has affected every aspect of life in Gaza. Patients’ hospital attendance has dropped because of lack of transport and universities were forced to shut down before the end of the school year as students and teachers could not continue to travel to them. Fuel-powered pumps for wells and water distribution networks are often not working. 

Medical facilities in Gaza lack the specialized staff and equipment to treat a range of conditions, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, hospitals are now under ever greater pressure, as they face shortages of equipment, spare parts and other necessary supplies as a result of the blockade. 

Elder "debunks" this, by showing a picture of Palestinians at a restaurant...and thats it. 

By Elder's logic, then, the Holocaust didnt happen. After all, I have a picture to prove it! Jews getting married. 

Does Elder know that his absurd logic is used in the most crude forms of Holocaust denial? 

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Yerushalimey said...

So you've documented that Elder of Ziyon has done no serious scholarly research on the Arab Israeli conflict, have you?
That's a pretty bold claim - actually, it's a pretty stupid and libelous claim. How have you documented this? Have you examined his personal journals in which he listed everything he's done for the past, say, twenty years? Do you have the records of the courses he has taken (and the grades), the books he's borrowed from the library, the books he's bought, the articles he's read on the internet and in newspapers and journals?
You mean, because you happened to have discovered a gap in his knowledge it proves that he has done NO scholarly research? That you know more than he does?

I wonder, have you ever read or seen "The Gap" (no, not the store, silly, the play by Eugene Ionesco)? Or is there a gap in YOUR academic background? Maybe you should try to understand that not everyone knows everything, and that because you discover a fault it doesn't mean you're in any way superior to the author: all it means is that you found a gap, or a mistake.

Why pick on Elder of Ziyon, anyway? He's just a blogger. No one special. If you're so great yourself, why don't you aim higher? Come on. Surely someone with your vast knowledge of the field knows who the real authorities are...

By the way, I just checked his blog. I think the picture you refer to appeared over a week ago. Shall I assume that you have no problem with what has appeared on Elderofziyon's blog for the past week? Maybe I should assume that you agree with everything he's published since your last article on him in August?

Don't you realize that, by attacking him, all you're doing is sending more traffic to his blog and making yourself seem petty? You don't strike me as particularly intelligent...